Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

Bike ride on the Beach


So I drew my friend, Heather, of 29 Skirts, after she posted this adorable outfit. She's so durn cute! Really makes me want to get some floral pants of my own!

This is a fictional image... Heather doesn't ride a bike. But I thought her outfit would be perfect for a bike ride by the beach! Whenever I ride around my neighborhood, I always wear a sweater and slim pants. The cozy sweater and close-fitting pants make for an easy ride, especially since where I live usually is kind of overcast and chilly. Plus, wearing something that doesn't flap around and get caught in my bicycle gears is a must.

Yay, bikes! Yay, beach! Yay heather!

I just made this image for sale in my Society6 shop! Go have a look :D

Friday, April 26, 2013

Once Upon A Dream

Another illustration for GabCollab :D
One of my favorite Tumblr pastimes is contributing to this blog!

Here's a few detail shots of it, because I realized that I stupidly made a tiny jpeg after I posted it toTumblr :P

Awww, couple of cuties! 

Thanks for looking! xoxo

Thursday, April 25, 2013


New selected sketches from my three sketchbooks. 2013 IS THE YEAR OF DRAWING, PEOPLE. YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I'm stoked! Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I got sunburned at CicLAvia on Sunday. Because I'm DUMB! Hahahaha X-D

New Gab Collab

This GabCollab was inspired by my childhood memories of the area I grew up in. High winds and fires were really common... One time my junior high almost burned down. That was the best night of my life. Sadly, I have seen people's houses burn down, though...

Our house was at the foothills of Mount Baldy, and at the top of it was a Christmas star that someone would light up every year for the holidays. It was always a magical thing, waiting for it to be lit up every year.

Unfortunately, one year a giant fire blew through and burned down the Christmas Star. My family and all the neighbors stood in our front yards, crying and watching it burn. After a few moments of climbing flames, the star blazed suddenly, as all the light bulbs popped open with fire. It was the most brilliantly sad thing I had ever seen. Everyone in the neighborhood loved that star, and eventually, there was a movement to "re-light the Christmas Star," with everyone chipping in to pay for a new one. I thought about adding the star to this illustration, but I didn't want to make a house fire look whimsical.

Anyway, go check out GabCollab! I love participating in it, and I bet you will, too!

xoxo, NK

Monday, April 1, 2013

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