Monday, April 29, 2013

Bike ride on the Beach


So I drew my friend, Heather, of 29 Skirts, after she posted this adorable outfit. She's so durn cute! Really makes me want to get some floral pants of my own!

This is a fictional image... Heather doesn't ride a bike. But I thought her outfit would be perfect for a bike ride by the beach! Whenever I ride around my neighborhood, I always wear a sweater and slim pants. The cozy sweater and close-fitting pants make for an easy ride, especially since where I live usually is kind of overcast and chilly. Plus, wearing something that doesn't flap around and get caught in my bicycle gears is a must.

Yay, bikes! Yay, beach! Yay heather!

I just made this image for sale in my Society6 shop! Go have a look :D

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