Friday, May 10, 2013

Just a Cat Poem

A tiny sad poem for today. I promise I’ll be back to making motivational comics again next week.
I use the phrase "hard to believe you were just a cat," and hopefully it doesn't come off in a callous way. What I really mean is that she filled so much space in my heart and mind that it's hard to believe she wasn't a person: an aunt, a friend, a sister. It's also used somewhat  symbolically because it's what I imagine people think when they hear my cat died: "Well... it's just a cat, right?" 
It's been super hard having known her for so long, and having the memories of her since I was a kid. It's hard to remember her going limp in my arms, and the feeling of torture afterwards, wondering if there was anything I could have done to prevent this happening. Now that she's gone I drift around the house and wonder what to do with myself. It was always a comfort having  her around, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. She warmed my heart with her little purring footsteps. Now that she's gone, there's a huge hole in my life.
 I've been leaning on making art pretty heavily so that I'll still have a reason to get up, get out. I'm actually really glad that I started "making something everyday," because it gives me a goal when I'm sitting there, wondering what to do with myself, thinking about her and missing her. 
Be happy today and always! I'm going to try to and be back and happy next week. xoxo

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